5 Ways To Declutter Your Desk

As a solo entrepreneur and working from home, my desk space is very important to me. Almost every week, I will have paper work that are sitting on my desk waiting for me to allocate them to their designated space and you will be surprised how many times I misplaced some documents.

So, I am sharing 5 things that you could add to your desk space or work space to help organising and declutter the space.

1. Mesh Memo Board

Try adding a calendar marking down important dates and to-do list to make sure you keep track of your work.


2. Mobile Cart / Push Cart

Have a small desk? Add a cart to store the things that you can't fit on your desk. I find this a better alternative as per to mobile drawers as I can't fit a lot of things in the drawer unit.

3. Mason Jars Desk Organiser - for your stationery
I always walk out of stationery shop with extra stationery - not because I need them, but because I thought I will use them one day. So it's a struggle to put them in the right place where I can see them so I know where to look for when I need them. So this idea definitely work really well for me.


4. Pegboard

This is definitely one of my next project for my desk space. It so versatile you can place various things on them especially when you are into art and crafts. Try adding small shelves or basket to store things in place. Now everything has its place!


5. Junk Drawer Organiser

There's always a drawer in the house that you just placed things that doesn't belong to anywhere - the JUNK drawer. It's doesn't take long to realise that you have piled and squeezed too many things in there that you couldn't even find anything in there. Add some dividers or wrap it up with velcro !


It's Friday so let's declutter and get organised this weekend !


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