Introducing Farrow and Ball Nine New Colours 2016

Inchyra Blue 289

Farrow and Ball is known for their 'traditional' paint finishes which shows the true British heritage inspired by nature and Dorset surroundings. This year, Farrow and Ball colour card is updated with exciting 9 new colours. Spring is coming and it would be a great time to refresh your space with their nine new colours from soft neutrals and muted pastels, to strong brights and rich dark tones.

Shown above is Inchyra Blue 289. 'This is inspired by a bespoke colour made for Lord and lady Inchyra at beautiful classic Georgian Inchyra house in Scotland' according to Farrow and Ball.
 It will work great as a focal point wall in a space especially west facing wall. This is a perfect tone as an alternative for anthracite walls on contemporary spaces.

Worsted 284
Worsted 284 is a pale stone colour. 'Taking its name from city suiting often made from flat woven fabric, and the sleepy Norfolk village where the yarn is originally created' according to Farrow and Ball.
This finish works great contrasting white paint finishes. It works well with its own or all four walls to suit the space that you have. On north facing rooms, the paint will appear as a stronger hue of grey.

Cromarty 285

Cromarty 285 is a soft pastel blue finish. 'Cromarty's name is taken from the Cromarty Firth estuary and conjures up visions of swirling mists' according to Farrow and Ball.
The hue of this paint is described as 'not too blue or grey' by F&B. I can definitely picture this paint finish in a bright west facing room paired with soft furnishings with a brighter blue or grey.

Drop Cloth 283
'We've named this colour Drop Cloth in honour of all the painters and decorators who have worked with Farrow and Ball paints for so long, as it's the traditional name for a dust sheet' according to Farrow and Ball.
This is definitely a great alternative to magnolia and cream. The Drop Cloth is so subtle that it would worked in any space. 

Peignoir 286
Peignoir 286 'is named after the sheer floaty garment traditionally worn by ladies brushing their hand in the mid- 20th century, perfectly summing up the romance of this hazy grey-pink'.
This is my favorite colour of all the exciting new colours. The colour is so subtle it works in any modern contemporary space with the hue of romantic - grey with a little hint of pastel pink.
Works great with a combination of crisp white walls.

Salon Drab 290
Salon Drab 290 'Salon not only refers to the small outer room of a drawing room but also conjures up a cultural, intellectual conversation hub. A two-part name, combining Salon, the small outer room off a drawing room, with Drab, a term favoured by true colourits, which simply describes a colour as lacking in brightness. 
This finish is a perfect hue of chocolate that is perfect for darker north facing rooms to create a cosy atmosphere to the room. As dark tones walls are raising in popularity, this would be a great finish to take into considerations for your next project.

Vardo 288
Vardo 288 'is a traditional horse drawn gypsy or Romany wagon.'
This is a great vintage colour if you want to give a room with a pop of bright colours. This finish is incredibly vibrant that will work well with white walls.

Shadow White 282
Shadow White 282 'is the lighter version of Shaded white so the two are linked and work perfectly together. Both names are taken from the soft tone created when whites are covered in a deep shade'.
This is a great shade of neutral that works perfectly for ceiling, all walls or woodwork.

Yeabridge Green 287
Yeabridge Green 287 'was found at Yeabridge House, an 18th century Georgian Hamstone farmhouse, when the original gun cupboard was removed'.
This vibrant avocado green will definitely uplift the space and interiors. It is also a resemblance of the greens. Have it in a room facing the garden to get a eathier feel to the space.

So there we go - the exciting nine colours ! Let me know what is your favorite colour and where you are going to fit them in your space.

For more information, visit Farrow and Ball.


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