''The Star'' - Massive 4 story LED Star Light Installation

''The Star'' is an LED light installation that traverses a four-story cement building for the 2015 Urban Xchange Public Art Festival in Penang, Malaysia. The talented local artist Jun Hao Ong created the star installation with 500 meters of steel rods and LED strips piercing through the center of the rundown building foundation, lit up like a massive cob web bursting through the building.
The project descriptions states ''The Star is a glitch in current political and cultural climate of the country, it is a manifestation of the sterile conditions of Butterworth, a once thriving industrial port and significant terminal between the mainland and the island'' 

Jun Hao is also known for his “coupling (of) low-tech materials with hi-tech application”. This installation is his submission to the festival and exhibition held at the Hin Bus Depot, a contemporary art center determined on inspiring a new generation of contemporary Malaysian artist.


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