Bring the Holiday To Your Home

It's summer time but of course living in London, you only get at most a month of warm sunny day and the rest being gloomy and rainy. I have been looking at beach holiday destinations online since winter and trying to plan for a getaway this summer but unfortunately due to circumstances at work, it will not go as planned.

There I was sitting in my garden one day dreaming about myself relaxing by the beach getting amused by the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, an inspiration came across my mind - why not bring the holiday to me even though I can't be there.

So today I'm going to share some inspirations to turn your space in to a crisp white, beach house interior like what you will get living next to the beach on your holiday (except that it's in the hustle and bustle of London city).

One of the main thing that I love is the crisp white interior of the beach house that you get when you go on holiday. Everything looked so clean and un-cluttered in white. Of course not to forget the hint of blue that resemble the deep blue sea ! I understand it is very hard to maintain white soft furnishings and furniture especially with kids or pets, but a good throw over the sofa would do a good job. 

Top left : found on Etsy.com
Top right : found on chesapeakehome.com
Bottom left : found on decoradviser.net
Bottom right : found on vtinteriors.blogspot.com

The next thing I would definitely want in the space like these would be a lovely pair of sheer curtains that allows the sun to shine through. Sometimes when the wind blowing through the curtains, it brings the calm and relax atmosphere to the space.

Left : found on domainehome.com
Right : found on brit.co via Pinterest

I am a big fan of a good rug in a room especially the living room. It could always use to soften the space as well as the focal point of the space. I have a Westie and it's really hard to have a rug in the house as you would never know what he will get to while we're away. Therefore, Seagrass rug would be a good option because they are timeless in design and it will look good in a white or neutral space with a pop of color.

Top left : found on housenadhome.com
Top right : found on homebunch.com
Bottom left : found on naturalarearugs.com
Bottom right : found on howtodecorate.com

By adding a few new accessories to your space, you will be able to get the summer feel. So, I have put together a few items that you can boost your home for the summer ! Enjoy :)

Rug : West Elm
Storage Trunks : Habitat
Cushions : Top - Heals ; Middle - Heals ; Bottom : Heals
Pouf : Habitat
Sheer Curtains : Anthropologie
Anchored Tie Back : Anthropologie
Corals topped Candles : Anthropologie
Dip Dyed Side Table : Anthropologie
Driftwood Table Lamp : notonthehighstreet

If you are have any enquiries or are interested in our Interior Design services, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@studiooblique.com 

Have a lovely summer everyone :)


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