Dutch Lab - The Extraordinary Cold Drip Coffee Maker

What looks like a lethal weapon from the movie, is actually a cold drip coffee maker AKMA designed by Dutch Lab - a team of South Korean Design studio consists of an architect, industrial designers, a graphic designer and barista. The definition of AKMA comes from the Korean word [악마]  which means ''Devil''.

This exquisite coffee maker is in full aluminium body to prevent from rusting with Borosilicate glass tubes that is heat resisitance, not to forget hand-blown glass tanks. The AKMA coffee maker is under the STEAMPUNK range of the company.

Behind all the complexity design of metal framework and exquisite detail of this coffee maker, it lies a very simple method of coffee make process. Gravity and time makes a big part of the coffee making process. According to toddycafe.com cold water brewing extracts the delicious flavor compounds from the coffee beans. That is why the company combined the vertical structure of their coffee maker to allow the coffee patiently drip through the vessel.

This what looks like a Gothic Church is indeed another model of coffee maker from Dutch Lab from their STEAMPUNK range. This coffee maker itself cost $7,300.

This NEW STEAMPUNK costs $4,100.

 This STEAMPUNK 300ml costs $4,100.

Besides the Steampunk range, the Dutch Lab also have some other ranges which are inspired by famous landmarks as well as movies.

From left to right : Eiffel 500ml, Eiffel 1000ml, Eiffel 2000ml

Here are some other models of coffee makers from Dutch Lab amazing range :

Source and images from : Dutch Lab



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