Top 10 Picks for Your Christmas from Anthropologie

It's the time of the year when everyone is busy looking for gifts and home decorations for Christmas. So we have picked our top 10 favorite picks from Anthropologie. Hopefully this will give you a hand on picking the perfect gifts for your special someone as well as the home wares and decorations for your Christmas Dinner Party.

1. Mercury Moonglow Candle £32 - £36

2. Gilded Thistle Nut Bowl £12

3. Hand Embroidered Agra Cushion £ 58- £68


4. Bibelot Dessert Plate £14

5. Fallen Feathers Wreath £89.60

6. Moscow Mule Mug

7. Iona Cheeseboard £ 32


8. Arbor Floret Cocktail Napkin £24

9. Bibelot Bakeware £36

10. Grand Swan Punch Bowl £428

Hopefully this post will give you some inspiration towards your Christmas gift and ideas for your Christmas Dinner Party.


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