Modern Classic Kitchen Design from Marchi Cucine - Dechora

The Dechora New Classics range from MARCHI CUCINE is our current favorite picks when it comes to hand made kitchen that is attentive to details with a great combination of materials. 

The creative balance between elements of nature and innovative design solutions are the keynotes to this impeccable kitchen with its understated but strong clean lines.

The inspiration in creating this sophisticated Dechora model was to provide the ideal interior for a household that wish to blend elegance with practicality, an expression of subtlety where natural materials are combined cleverly with latest cutting edge technology.

A custom made exclusive kitchen with a very attractive look, Dechora is capable of rediscovering the appeal of small gestures by highlighting and combining materials such as painted solid wood, decorated and satin-finishes steel, marble and opus signinum used for the tops.

The kitchen designed by Dechora presents a new aesthetic, simply and stylish harmony, thanks to the color combinations with decape oak, silver French, stainless steel and black steel and the union between the naturalness of the furnishings and the cutting-edge electrical appliances of individuals preferences.

Dechora Technical Features :
Metal plays a large part in this kitchen design, with a touch of surprise in the combination of sleek modern elements with retro taste of the upholstered pieces and classical dining chairs.

Sinuous lines and exclusive detailing like the crafted handles all blend to enrich the unusual style of this kitchen with cabinets and elements in solid oak with a brushed black finish to match the black marble counter top.

Door front frames, either flat or geometrical, in satin finishes steel with studded corners and handles in britannium; the large pantry contains an incorporated refrigerator and raised level oven, and is set inside a solid oak frame.

This is an up-market model with high impact; the deep black marble slab counter top with contrasting veins of grey and white adds elegance and a touch of drama.

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