Future Smart Watches (Smartch)

Apple and Motorola 360 announced their versions of Smart watches or "Smartch"!

Apples new offer of Smart watch which will be available early 2015, have really pulled out all the stops with customization and design of their watch and has really made it clear they want it to suit EVERYONE.  At around £220, features include the usual sending and receiving messages, built in speaker and micro phone for quick calls, Receiving notifications from mail and texts.  Apple have also added an additional way to connect with people, being the first pressure capacitive sensitive screen apple has ever made, you can use your finger to draw something on the screen and your friend on the other end can watch in real time on their watch your drawing animate.  There a Walkie-Talkie addition.  Also "Tap" which is a silent gentle vibrate you can send to a friend and customise "Taps".  There are alot more features which you can read here
The Moto 360 I believe is available right now for around £156 here.  From what i've seen
the customization and available features is not as much what Apple intends to do with the Apple watch, HOWEVER...

.. I love the novelty of a round screen on the Moto 360, even the pixels run right to edge of the screen maximising the display area for the screen.  Also the inductive wireless charger that doubles up as a watch stand.  The design looks solid and very natural as a "watch" compared to newest offer of the Samsungs Gear S, which just looks clunky and too robust, the Moto360 reminds me of the sleek
design of the RAZR device.

You can make your own mind up!
Moto 360 - Video
Apple watch - Video



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