8 Cool DIY Cement Project

Cement is a versatile material that not used only in building works, it has been a trend lately to use cement to create interesting DIY projects. We have found some that we love. So share it and let's get ready for some DIY!

1 | Candle Holder

With just a few simple things that you can easily get, you can create this chic laced candle holder. It's definitely make a perfect gift !

Source : Sayyes

Why not try these candle holder with an empty soda can and metallic paint? Be creative and you have your own personalized votives 

Source : monsterscircus

These candle holders can be used as it's own or stack them all together, how flexible ! Again an easy and budget friendly project.

Source : blognaver

2 | Concrete Planter

Once you have got hold of making candle holders, why not use the similar technique and experiment them in the making of cement planters. 

Faceted geometric forms are all time favorite and in trend at the moment. Therefore , the guys from HomeMade Mordern have shared the tutorial of these wonderful cement planter and wax candles. They also have downloadable templates that you can use and turn them in to sustainable objects. 

Source : HomeMade Mordern

These cement planters are made from containers mold with a few simple steps. But they make a good decoration next to the window or on a side table. Just drop by to your nearest Homebase and you will get everything you need , including the plant ! 

Source : The Self Life

I am a big fan of gold and other metallic finishes and the above planter will definitely fit in any corner of your house. Not only it could be just a part of the deco and works as a planter, I can use it as a weight for my paper works too. 

Source : abeautifulmess

3 | Cement Lighting

With just a leftover juicebox and cement, with shop bought bulb and cable, you can make yourself a chic lamp like the above. Why not try and get a filament bulb and a colour cord to spice it up a little. 

Source : pastill

Another table lamp project that is chic and urban, absolutely love the combination of copper and cement ! Try swapping the light bulb to a filament light bulb, find it here.

Source : look what i made

Need a focal point in your room? Try this cement hanging lamp project with some metal hollow tube and bend them into the shapes you like.

Source : Weekdaycarnival

4 | Cement Stool

Another interesting project from HomeMade Modern. This is just a $5 project and the finished product looks as if it is a shop bought of maybe a $50? So why not give it a try !

Source : HomeMade Modern

5 | Concrete Block Outdoor Planter

Don't have a garden? Don't worry, these outdoor planters are perfect for your balcony or patio, it also works very nice at your entrance. Just get some concrete block from your nearest local hardware store and arrange them in your own way. 

Source : Modernlywed

6 | Garden and Driveway Stepping Stone

Want to stand out from the crowd with your custom made stepping stone for your driveway or garden? The above are two examples where you can create your own stepping stone of your choice !

Source : gardentherapy
Source : smallgardenlove

7 | Concrete Bookends

Concrete is a material and worked very well for a bookend as the material is heavy and it will hold the books nice and tidy, it can be used as a weight on your desk too !

These block letter bookend looks good as part of a deco on your shelves and it serves it purpose very well. Simply get some fibre board letter mold and it is pretty similar to other technique as mentioned above. 

Source : eilentein

Another block letter cement bookend that worth a share. Personalized them in your initial and tadaaaaa you have yourself a custom made compact bookend.

8 | Concrete Clock

Simply find a mold of your choice, pour the cement in, add the clock mechanism and there you go ! 

Source : instructables



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