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Running your own company and working from home? Look no further !

The team of plusminusarchitects from Bratislava has transformed a four bedroom flat into a brilliant working space. It is no longer a boring and dull cubicle office being so formal and claustrophobic. The have brought in the relaxation and comfort in a house and blend it into their workspace.

Given the plus point of a 1928 building, the building is covered with bricks and parquet wood flooring. You can forget about those soundproof felt covered partitions, boring office lighting and the horrible carpet flooring. They have the flexibility to move things around and who knows maybe they will move the photocopy machine and play some darts game !

Who : plusminusarchitects
What : Office space in a four bedroom flat
Where : Bratislava, Slovakia
Website : www.plusminusarchitects.com


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