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How to find your best built-in wardrobe?
Use the space you have wisely. Think not only on the area where the furniture is going, but also about the height of the room and working around awkward features.
Maximize with measurements and fully utilize the space. With the wardrobe system available in the market today, you can actually go from floor to ceiling, around and across corners.
From the typical hinge doors to various type of sliding systems and even folding doors.
With the combination of planned hanging space, shelves, drawer systems and other storage means that you're not only organised, but you're making the most of every single inches of space.

Style and finishes?
Try to go for light reflective surfaces in your bedroom which create an illusion of space.
Mirror, coloured glass, lacquer painted panels will all help to achieve that.
You  can also go for a matching with the rest of the furniture in the room using finishing such as wood veneer, laminated panels or leather.

Built-in wardrobe provides considerably more storage space than a free standing wardrobe. A properly designed built-in wardrobe can provide to be most cost effective than a free standing wardrobe.

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