Hanging Writing Desk

Mamba by Victor Vasilev for MDF Italia.

This unique furniture piece is a writing desk, a split level workspace made of white Cristalplant.

The Mamba is not just a shelf or desk. The Mamba project majestically combines form, function and material to give rise to a piece with sensual feel and look, a piece that seems to materialize from and disappear into the wall; a piece which springs from the designer's considerations about the material, its intrinsic and extrinsic properties, and the way it's being processed.

The wavy shape and the tapered thickness add a strong visual impact to the product's design and image.



His and Hers

How to find your best built-in wardrobe?
Use the space you have wisely. Think not only on the area where the furniture is going, but also about the height of the room and working around awkward features.
Maximize with measurements and fully utilize the space. With the wardrobe system available in the market today, you can actually go from floor to ceiling, around and across corners.
From the typical hinge doors to various type of sliding systems and even folding doors.
With the combination of planned hanging space, shelves, drawer systems and other storage means that you're not only organised, but you're making the most of every single inches of space.

Style and finishes?
Try to go for light reflective surfaces in your bedroom which create an illusion of space.
Mirror, coloured glass, lacquer painted panels will all help to achieve that.
You  can also go for a matching with the rest of the furniture in the room using finishing such as wood veneer, laminated panels or leather.

Built-in wardrobe provides considerably more storage space than a free standing wardrobe. A properly designed built-in wardrobe can provide to be most cost effective than a free standing wardrobe.

Contact us to find out more on our wardrobe system range from Italy.



A Star in the Kitchen

Arkea by Faber.

Light therapy comes to the kitchen with the Arkea hood, the exclusive lamp hood from Faber.

Arkea comes in a white polycarbonate sphere with a steel finish. The LED strip inside the sphere casts a magnificent, even light, while the spot light on the hood effectively light the hob, enabling considerable energy savings.

Arkea features LED RGB ambience light allowing you to choose your favourite colour or alternate all the colours in a loop.



Comic and Interior Design

Comic strip mural inspirations for interior design.

Comic strip is one of the most loved part of my childhood newspaper reading experience. It has became an integral part of many of our nostalgic childhood memories...

Here are some examples, where some clever interior design has in cooperated the comic strip and character into interior design for modern contemporary houses and restaurants.

 by Jeff Jones Snap It Photography



Working From Home - Studio Flat Design

Running your own company and working from home? Look no further !

The team of plusminusarchitects from Bratislava has transformed a four bedroom flat into a brilliant working space. It is no longer a boring and dull cubicle office being so formal and claustrophobic. The have brought in the relaxation and comfort in a house and blend it into their workspace.

Given the plus point of a 1928 building, the building is covered with bricks and parquet wood flooring. You can forget about those soundproof felt covered partitions, boring office lighting and the horrible carpet flooring. They have the flexibility to move things around and who knows maybe they will move the photocopy machine and play some darts game !

Who : plusminusarchitects
What : Office space in a four bedroom flat
Where : Bratislava, Slovakia
Website : www.plusminusarchitects.com



Play with Your Food

Pixelate by Sures Kumar & Lana Z Porter.

Pixelate is a Guitar-Hero-style eating game in which players compete in a one minute showdown to see who can actually finish the most food in the correct order.

Pixelate was exhibited at the Henry Moore Gallery, Royal College of Art, London.

Mom, who said we can't play with food?

Hope you guys have a great weekend ahead!



A Little Bit of Classicism

The Opera kitchen by A.Andreucci - C.Hoisl for Bontempi.

Bontempi looks to the future with its roots firmly set in the history and tradition of an Italian furniture manufacturer that spreads ideas and products throughout the world.
Introducing one of their kitchen collection- Opera.

The Opera collection conveys the beauty of the classical kitchen environment coupled with a modern day verve.
In pursuit of this objective, The Opera was born: refined, unique, paradoxical and classical by using impressive modern materials.

All Bontempi kitchens are designed to provide superior functionality whilst being wholly created around your personal style and needs.



Cutting Edge Washing

Ametis by Davide Oppizzi for Graff.

One of the main attraction of this bathroom collection is the shower fixture. 
It features a circle shape that comes with different water settings.

Ametis also offers high-tech functionality faucet within its striking curves.
A ring surrounding the faucet lever, changing in LED lighting from blue to red to indicate water temperature.

"Fluid and sensuous, Ametis guides the water through the gentle curves of the faucet, providing a visual representation of the idea that life is a cycle." Says the designer.



The Moroccan Retreat of Philip Dixon

Owner : Philip Dixon
Location : Venice
Size : Approx 6,000 Sqft

The fashion photographer Philip Dixon has travel all around the world and get all the inspiration he could to create and build this Moroccan retreat. You would never think of this lovely Moroccan retreat is located in the middle of the crowded streets of Venice Beach. It's definitely a getaway from all the busy life in this house. 


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