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2023 Technology: A Day Made of Glass... Made Possible... by Corning.

Sharing these amazing videos on the Corning's vision for the future with specialty glass at the heart of it.



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Concrete wall solutions

ConcreteWall by Tom Haga.

ConcreteWall is a unique wallpaper collection, using images from original photographs by Norwegian photographer Tom Haga.

The wallpaper is created by photographing raw and refined concrete walls, raw cinder block walls from places right across Norway.
No pattern is repeated, resulting a very realistic and totally unique finish for any room.



Cozy minimalism and elegance sofa

The Fifth Avenue Sofa by Dima Loginoff for Artex.

This sofa is a dedication to one of the most vibrant and stylish city in the world- New York.
Inspired by the geometry and aesthetics of downtown Manhattan, The Fifth Avenue sofa combines lightness and evocative form, for 100% Italian fine upholstered furniture company Artex.

Each angle reveals a various visual encounter, a mix of solid elements and empty parts create the illusion of suspended buildings.
The creativity in combining angles and lines, the fine workmanship in the assortment of the ideal materials for its construction, each and every little detail was offered a special consideration shaping and upholstered sofa with an effectively made personality.



Ancient technique elements

Sinetempore by Gabriele Centazzo for Valcucine.

Featuring hand-crafted elements in its design, the kitchen system employs a range of high quality material such as solid Elm, copper, marble and steel.
Doors, panels and shelving units are made of Elm, worktop in marble or porphyry and some other steel body gadgets.

The design also focus on its craftsmanship, with the designer combining different traditional techniques including inlays, carvings, mosaics and pyrography, by applying to the contemporary cooking system and working surface.



Baitogogo at palais de tokyo, Paris

Who : Henrique Oliveria
What : baitogogo
Where : Palais De Tokyo
Website : http://www.henriqueoliveira.com/
Photo : AndrĂ© Morin & Marc Domage

Henrique Oliveria is a Brazillian artist born in Sao Paulo who is well known with his sculpture, painting and installation.

Oliveria recently had an installation went up in paris at Palais de Tokyo. The installation 'baitogogo' is form and consist of tapume woood sticks, which are commonly used in the streets of Sao Paulo to construct fences or to isolate public access from the development sites.

The installation is like a tree growing out from the existing pillars and beams. Oliveria, who is well known for his architectural integrations manipulated the space with multiform organic forms has given the audience a spectacular experience visually and physically.

Video Courtesy of My Art Agenda



Wall integrated basin

Silenzio by Antonio Lupi.

This futuristic bathroom basin boasts a stunning sculptural silhouette that gradually dip out of the wall and then seamlessly fades into the background.

Made out of Corian solid surface, this stylish bathroom basin can be painted to blend with matching wall once it's been installed, resulting in an aesthetic ideal for modern and minimalist bathroom design.
It comes with LED lighting, complete with drainer, water trap and flexible hose.

For revolutionary times of advancement and inventions, this Silenzio basin not only stands out as an ultramodern design in bathroom industry, but also serves its primary functionality requisites.




Looking at the time in a unique way. The wall clock offers the time every five minutes by illuminating a matrix of letters. The typographic front combines the moment with the written letters and makes it a statement.

An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the letter's brightness. 
It's available in a variety of colours and languages.

One of the coolest and cleverest clock I've ever seen.



Crates get a second life

Krattenkast by Mark van der Gronden.

The Krattenkast uses large second hand crates for storage and industrial strength frame to hold them. Dutch contract manufacturer Lensvelt produces the steel frames in a variety of shapes.

Each crates comes in different colour and sizes but due to the indiscriminate stacking of the crates, a cabinet with three or four crates can have the same height as a pile of five. 

The creative Dutch designer has translated the concept into a fantastic looking storage system for home and office, especially with it's unique colour choices.


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