The Wall That Interacts - Part 1

Ever wondered what to do with the odd wall or the dull and boring wall you have in your space? Wall coverings has diverse from traditional long sheet form into exciting and innovating ideas nowadays.

Ecco Luce - The light emitting wall coverings

The Ecco Luce is a personalized light wall covering. The wall covering is integrated with LED lights and when you switch it on, the patterns of the LED light will shine through the wall projecting the personalised design for it a static image, animated, dimmable or motion activated.

Scratch Card Wallpaper 

Remember how we love scratching bingo cards or lottery tickets? London based designer Linda Florence has created this wonderful wallpaper with her signature victorian floral pattern with a hidden under layer of silver foil. In order to reveal the colours, patterns and designs of the wallpaper, it has to be scratched or remove the silver layer.

The Post Stick Wall 

This wall covering is designed with tiny post stickers. Each post stickers has four layers to it and each one gets successively darker in colour in order to create a pixelated pattern as the post stickers note are used. This will be an ideal wall coverings for office settings.

The Strømer

The Strømer is an unique installation  27meter square of interactive LEDs provide light for each person passing by, the total energy consumption is smaller than 3 regular 60W lightbulb. WIth an impressive lifespan when taked well care of by the inhabitants of Sandnes this is the light source for the future. WIth its analogue qualities the light is soft and friendly triggered by passing-bys, or doing its own organic life-like and mysterious behaviour.

Hope you enjoy it, to be continued !


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