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It's been awhile since anyone has updated this blog, I bet everyone is out and about to enjoy the lovely weather ! After all, you don't get good weather as such in London often - hope it stays :)

Been working on an interesting restaurant project recently and came across all these wonderful DIY ideas that you can create out of PALLETS.

Ever thought of simple pallets that you usually recycle can be turned into wonderful art piece or furniture at home? Why not try the following brilliant ideas and have a go during your free time. I personally think it's easy to achieve and would make an eclectic piece of art/furniture in your space.

Let's share all these wonderful ideas people and let's give your interior space a boost this summer ! :)

Images via Crafthunter - English Edition
A coffee table or a wall shelving perhaps?

Images via Houzz
Don't have a headboard? Having trouble hunting for one? Have your very own headboard now and decorate or paint it the way you want

Images via Houzz
Want something different for your TV Unit? Stack a few of those pallets and there you go ! It also provide you with storage space.

Images via homedit
Images via homedit

Images via stuffcynloves

Images via stuffcynloves

Images via seaseight.blogspot.com

Look at those wonderful ideas of coffee table ! You can either repaint them to suit the colour scheme or your living room or space or simply add a glass top to achieve a clean and sleek look. For more accessibility, just screw in 4 wheels and voila you have a coffee table with castors. 
Images via recyclart

Images via Scraphacker

Images via stuffcynloves

Images via kojodesigns

Images via stuffcynloves

Ever fancy a reading area or a daybed? Just get some colourful pillows, throws and hop on for a relaxing afternoon. Oops , don't forget a good book and a cup of tea.

Images via amandacarverdesigns

Images via homedit

Images via homedit

Images via lovinglivingsmall

Images via homedit

Knock yourself out during your free time with all those brilliant ideas you can use with pallets. With a pair of working gloves and some tools, you might be able to create the next designer piece of furniture :)

Have a lovely day peeps, enjoy the weather !



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