Remember Tam Tam?

Tam Tam stool by Branex.

The Tam Tam stool was created in 1968 by Henry Mossonnet for Stamp, a historical French plastic factory.
The stool became a pop icon of design during the 70s and over 12 million pieces were sold all over the world.
Tam Tam was originally a stool for fishing, but it turn out to be a perfect seating for kitchen, dining and work areas.

Tam Tam continues to be manufactured under the exact specification by Branex,and now offers wider range of colours and finishes.                                           

The original orange plastic Tam Tam stools. They are easily detachable and come with a hidden compartment that you can store things.

I remember I used to have one at my grandparent's house when I was very little. My uncle bought it for my aunt's dressing table for their wedding.
One thing that I'll never forget about this plastic stool was the hidden compartment under the seat. My uncle used to keep some of his books inside, and I also remember sometimes I like hitting at it as a drum.
Hmm... Lots of sweet memories. I might get one now...

Some of you may never heard of Tam Tam and might find this plastic stool normal. But try asking your parents or elder generations around you, I'm sure they've got their own version of memories...


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