Leandro Erlich's Reflective Optical Illusion House

Always dream of being a superhero? Jumping from roof to roof? Daringly rescue a child from a tall building window? Or being Peter Pan with that magical window? All of this is possible in Leandro Erlich's Reflective Optical Illusion House.

This giant installation - Dalston House is a version of Leandro Erlich wildly popular, captivating , three-dimensional visual illusions. The installation using a wall with giant mirror propped against a horizontal facade of a Victorian facade house, allowing visitors to look up at their reflection at a 45 degree angle overhead.

Visitors are free to climb and jump around the horizontal facade as their reflection will appear as if they are moving without the effect of gravity.

The Dalston House
Designer : Leandro Erlich
Location : 1-7 Ashwin Street, Dalston, E8 3DL
Entry : Free
Opening Time : Mon to Wed 11am - 6pm
                            Thu and Fri 11am - 8pm
                            Sat and Sun 10am - 8pm

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