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Leandro Erlich's Reflective Optical Illusion House

Always dream of being a superhero? Jumping from roof to roof? Daringly rescue a child from a tall building window? Or being Peter Pan with that magical window? All of this is possible in Leandro Erlich's Reflective Optical Illusion House.

This giant installation - Dalston House is a version of Leandro Erlich wildly popular, captivating , three-dimensional visual illusions. The installation using a wall with giant mirror propped against a horizontal facade of a Victorian facade house, allowing visitors to look up at their reflection at a 45 degree angle overhead.

Visitors are free to climb and jump around the horizontal facade as their reflection will appear as if they are moving without the effect of gravity.

The Dalston House
Designer : Leandro Erlich
Location : 1-7 Ashwin Street, Dalston, E8 3DL
Entry : Free
Opening Time : Mon to Wed 11am - 6pm
                            Thu and Fri 11am - 8pm
                            Sat and Sun 10am - 8pm

Have a lovely weekend !




Remember Tam Tam?

Tam Tam stool by Branex.

The Tam Tam stool was created in 1968 by Henry Mossonnet for Stamp, a historical French plastic factory.
The stool became a pop icon of design during the 70s and over 12 million pieces were sold all over the world.
Tam Tam was originally a stool for fishing, but it turn out to be a perfect seating for kitchen, dining and work areas.

Tam Tam continues to be manufactured under the exact specification by Branex,and now offers wider range of colours and finishes.                                           

The original orange plastic Tam Tam stools. They are easily detachable and come with a hidden compartment that you can store things.

I remember I used to have one at my grandparent's house when I was very little. My uncle bought it for my aunt's dressing table for their wedding.
One thing that I'll never forget about this plastic stool was the hidden compartment under the seat. My uncle used to keep some of his books inside, and I also remember sometimes I like hitting at it as a drum.
Hmm... Lots of sweet memories. I might get one now...

Some of you may never heard of Tam Tam and might find this plastic stool normal. But try asking your parents or elder generations around you, I'm sure they've got their own version of memories...



The hammock bath

Vessel by Splinter Works.

This hammock inspired bathtub is crafted from layers of carbon fiber.
The limited edition tub is mounted between two walls, features a hole at the bottom as outlet drainage.
The tub is with a foam core that insulates the tub to stay hot longer than a standard bathtub.

How long will you normally spend for your daily bath?
This unique bathtub takes on the shape of a hammock, a true symbol of relaxation and will probably make you want to spend a longer time bathing in the bathroom.



The Wall That Interacts - Part 1

Ever wondered what to do with the odd wall or the dull and boring wall you have in your space? Wall coverings has diverse from traditional long sheet form into exciting and innovating ideas nowadays.

Ecco Luce - The light emitting wall coverings

The Ecco Luce is a personalized light wall covering. The wall covering is integrated with LED lights and when you switch it on, the patterns of the LED light will shine through the wall projecting the personalised design for it a static image, animated, dimmable or motion activated.

Scratch Card Wallpaper 

Remember how we love scratching bingo cards or lottery tickets? London based designer Linda Florence has created this wonderful wallpaper with her signature victorian floral pattern with a hidden under layer of silver foil. In order to reveal the colours, patterns and designs of the wallpaper, it has to be scratched or remove the silver layer.

The Post Stick Wall 

This wall covering is designed with tiny post stickers. Each post stickers has four layers to it and each one gets successively darker in colour in order to create a pixelated pattern as the post stickers note are used. This will be an ideal wall coverings for office settings.

The Strømer

The Strømer is an unique installation  27meter square of interactive LEDs provide light for each person passing by, the total energy consumption is smaller than 3 regular 60W lightbulb. WIth an impressive lifespan when taked well care of by the inhabitants of Sandnes this is the light source for the future. WIth its analogue qualities the light is soft and friendly triggered by passing-bys, or doing its own organic life-like and mysterious behaviour.

Hope you enjoy it, to be continued !



Some reclaimed wood furniture

We are currently working on a project that involve lots of wooden furniture.
I would like to share some interesting reclaimed wood furniture that I've found during our research work.

Reclaimed wood, also known as recycled wood. The wood which is claimed from previously crafted pieces, large upcycled beams from buildings or slabs of driftwood.
Due to the current environmental concern, reclaimed wood furniture has become quite a growing area and is attracting lots of interior designer.
Some creative artist or designer will turn them into benches, stools, tables, almost all kinds of furniture for the interior design industry.

 Strap End Table by Uhuru.
Made of reclaimed antique pine wood, hand-dyed vegetable tanned leather and steel.

 Rio Manso Armchair by Carlos Motta.
Comes is 2 types of finishing, Rediscovered Peroba Rosa wood for indoor use and Cumaru wood for outdoor use.

 One of the home made furniture range by Rupert Blanchard.
Combination of drawer boxes made of Victorian Mahogany, Oak and Teak wood.

 Retalho Coffee Table by Rotsen Furniture.
Made of solid blocks of reclaimed wood on a powder coated steel base.

 Mandala Coffee Table by Rotsen Furniture.
The coffee table is made as a mosaic of salvaged wood pieces from different species, arranged together to form this unique furniture piece.

Lounge Chair by Piet Hein Eek.
Made of scrap wood.



Kitchen goes soft

Meccanica by Demode, engineered by Valcucine.

Meccanica is an eco-sustainable kitchen system which minimizes the consumption of raw materials.
This kitchen system uses lightweight frame of single structural elements, connecting with mechanical joints, making it recyclable and reusable.

One of the door range that really impressed me was the fabric door.
The kitchen door panel features a tubular metal frame outfitted with a thin glass shelves and fabric which is a teflon-coated, elasticized, stain-resistant and washable.

The Meccanica kitchen system also comes in wooden and metal door range.

I've been working in the kitchen design industry for 16 years and I've designed and delivered kitchen door panels that comes in different finishes such as solid timber, veneer, acrylic, stainless steel, glass, wallpaper, painted board, ceramic, laminates or even leather.
I'm really excited about this fabric door panel. I'm looking forward to see this as one of the popular kitchen door panel in contemporary kitchen design industry.


Chains partition

Rain-like curtains by KriskaDECOR.

Sharing an amazing curtain partition project by KriskaDECOR for a bathroom furniture showroom.
Swiss architect Burkad Meyer required an innovative installation of metal chains hanging from the ceiling to make it look like rain fall.

KriskaDECOR curtain is made of small interlinked pieces of anodized aluminium which form a light weight, versatile mesh.
It can be custom made to any design, colour and dimension required.



Inside the light bulb

King Edison lamp by Young & Battaglia for Mineheart.

The pendant lamp is named after Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb and references regal chandeliers.

A miniature brass chandelier is suspended inside a clear light bulb with satin finished fittings and hung on a braided silken cable.
The chandelier lives inside of a glass terrarium shade, protecting its delicate features.


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