Cozy section

 The Napali sectional sofa by Bretz Wohntraume.

This cozy corner couch comes with 3 basic components: the extension element, the corner section and an ottoman.
These modular components are accented by large, plush cushions that invites you to sit, lean, lie back and lounge.
The luxurious velvet upholstery comes together in an eclectic yet cohesive patchwork of complementary colours and patterns.



Floating lights.

The Halo lighting collection by Martin Azua for Vibia.

Circular and Stick.

Halo provides an extraordinary lighting effect that can be regulated depending on the mood.
The collection enables the creation of ambient light that illuminates the space, becoming a decorative component that is both simple and striking.

Equipped with LED strips and a PPMMA diffusor, the lighting produces a subtle light that mixes natural vibes with the atmosphere both in its circular and linear forms.
Its translucent material line projects light, acting as a shade to avoid glare.
This enables the lighting to be placed in any space and at any height.

source from freshhome.


Snuggle in it.

The Snug soft chair by Kumeko.

This is a very comfortable and flexible soft furniture that you can literally snuggle in it.

Kumeko has developed its own material especially for the sleeve. Jersey tubes are used to stuffed with polyurethane foam woven together into 100% wool that creates a 3D double-sided pattern.
The wool-felt material maintain the temperature inside the sleeve while the Jersey tubes provide soft padding to hold your back.



The Eco Friendly Club - Greenhouse - New York

Oh dear where is spring? It's snowing again today in London. For once I thought it's going to be warm as Spring is approaching, but I'm afraid London weather is always unpredictable. Let's just hope this will be the last week of cold and wet.

Been cracking my head working on one very exquisite residential that I have ever come across. Was browsing through the internet and I found this very interesting Club in New York.

The greenhouse in New York promotes nighlife destination and the first eco-friendly nightclub. A bi-level 8,000 square foot nightclub, lounge and event space built from recycled or recyclable materials. Greenhouse relaunched in January 2012 and went the extra route to receive L.E.E.D (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, which is awarded by the United States Green Buildings Council for environmentally conscious construction and design. Owners NBA Star Larry Hughes, Barry Mullineaux and Jed Stiller have worked creatively to amplify the eco-look of the space.

The Greenhouse is designed to be a unique 'green' experience. One of Greenhouse's most spectacular attributes is the transparent ceiling fixture, comprised of over 5,000 individually hung crystals, which is designed to emulate a rolling landscape. The bars are clear recycled glass panaroma designs, which displays lush natural stones. With two floors and two separate sound systems.

150 Varick Street, Soho, USA

Hidden gadgets

The New Logica Kitchen System by Valcucine.

The kitchen system created a multi-sided system that incorporating the washing, cooking, worktop and storage.
This state-of-art kitchen system also features a fully equipped wall unit which includes dish drainer, weighing scales and other kitchen gadgets. All the necessary appliances and accessories within easy reach and you can configure this kitchen system to suit your space and your customized cooking lifestyle.



Driving seat

The R18 Ultra Chair by Clemens Weisshaar & Reed Kram for Audi.

Audi launches the R18 Ultra Chair, a lightweight chair designed by Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram in cooperation with Audi engineers.

The chair's multi-material space-frame is made of carbon composites, carbon micro-sandwich and high strength aluminium.
Weighing only 2.2kg, the chair embodies Audi's ultra lightweight design credo completely by following strict guidelines to shave off every ounce of excess weight.



Healthy cooking

Creating the perfect cooking zone in today's modern kitchen not only involve choosing an suitable oven or hob, but it can also include specifying a state-of-the-art steam oven.

Steam oven make life easier when entertaining guest or cooking for a large family and the method of steaming food is particularly useful when you want to prepare healthy meals quickly, without any fuss.

For example baking a chicken with an traditional oven could take anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 hours, but putting the same chicken in a steam oven set at 212 degrees and we are looking at a cook time of 20 minutes.

Steam oven offers a healthy way to prepare food as no extra fat or oil needed.

Food is sealed quickly to keep important vitamins and minerals in so valuable nutrients aren't lost during the cooking process, this makes it the perfect low-fat solution for health- conscious foodies.

Another advantage of steam-cooked dishes is that they retain their size and texture.

the steam process doesn't transfer food odours between dishes, so you can cook sweet and savoury meals in the oven at the same time.

Steam oven manufacturer to consider- Miele, Gaggenau or Kuppersbusch.



It's all about Italian Kitchen

Nowadays, everyone is talking about Kitchen that is Made In Italy What is the latest trend, what is the most popular worktop? What is the most popular finishes? But, people tend to forget about the importance and practicality of a kitchen.

What do you actually need in the kitchen?

Came across the following video online from designer Patricia Urquiola :

Patricia Urquiola at Scholt├Ęs' London showroom from Dezeen on Vimeo.


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